Thursday, December 02, 2010

Black Steel Worship Tour - Part II

Channel Zero - Ljubljana, SLO 30/11:
It was really nice to sleep in a proper bed and having a descent breakfast for a change. We also took care of this blog finally and AGAIN we missed the load in due a early dinner at Mc Donalds. Well, well, well... the venue was packed with a fucking moshpit as usual and we slaughtered the slovenians! DIABOLICAL did a great show as well but this evening URN made it clear that it was their show because they killed 'em all! We celebrating the evening with some fireworks outside of the venue.

Check out a fucking liveclip from Channel Zero: Infernal Damnation & Infestering Flesh.

Satanic equipment for the evening!
Bäby Wipes for Leif!
Backstage motherfuckers!
Fireworks for satan!

Randal Club - Bratislava, SK 1/12:
We arrived to a snowy Bratislava during noon. The hangover was still a fact so we went to the nearest restaurant for some cheesy pizza and Baileys. After the dinner we walked into the city and looking for drumsticks and only after some hours we found the fucking musicstore and drumsticks! We took a cab back to the venue and it was open. Really nice club and it was warm inside. The catering was awesome and the soundguy definitely knew what he was doing because the sound was fucking brutal! It was a kick ass show for all the bands even though it wasn't packed. Yet the afterparty turned into a classic with some really strong drinks and Heavy Metal! Don't mess with the fucking Absinth Black...

Check out some live pictures by Ivan Dzugan: here!

At the heart of the winter in Bratislava.
A nice fucking cup of Irish Coffee!

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