Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In The Sign Of Evil... Spain!

Friday 11/2:
We arrived late in the evening to Valencia airport and were picked up by the organizer Felix and Damiá. After a fast check-in at the Hotel and dumped the gear we went to Sedavi for a gig with Ered and Marthyrium at the "Pa' Berse Matao" pub. We met our friends from Graveyard and other great people that we had a fucking blast with! We went to the "Creepy" Metalbar after the show and party the whole night until the early morning... Thanx alot Bella for inviting us to your gig!

Martin, Kennet, Damiá and Felix at the airport.
Don't disturb - we're working!!
Marthyrium and Ered crushed!
Afterparty at the Creepy Metalbar.
Kennet with spanish chicas!
I have two drinks - what do you have!?
Into The Grave!
Hadderajjan once again...
Saturday 12/2:
We woke up at noon in the hotel with a hangover from hell as usual, so we missed the breakfast but now it was time for lunch with the guys from Severe Torture and Machetazo at the hotel. It was a traditional spanish Paella with red wine of course. After the lunch we went out for a short sightseeing in the neighbourhood to buy some ciggarettes. Met Raul Sampedro from Memento Mori records so we stayed and took some cold beers outside the bar on the street with him.

Good morning Valencia!
Good morning Martin!
Having some beers with Raul from Memento Mori.
Cheers motherfuckers!
Then we were picked up at the hotel to go to the venue "Durango Club" that was a cool venue. We did a soundcheck and the sound was pretty good. Then we went for a great dinner and when we came back to the venue it was full of Metalheads both inside and outside! We missed the first band Terrorifik Show but when we arrived it was Graveyard turn and they did a great gig! Looking For An Answer was also really great of course and after them it was time for us to blast. The gig went quite well and the response was totally amazing!

Freaking out on the rotten flesh!
Ripping it up Valencia style

After the show it was time to recover the hangover with beer and strong vodka-drinks and looking at the rest of the bands that were Severe Torture, Machetazo and Ataraxy. All bands did killer shows and the party continued until the morning again. We were the last guys standing at the club and were at the hotel around 8:00 for the sleep of morbid dreams...what a hell of a night!!

They weren't so stingy with the alcohol backstage exactly...
...and free shots from the bar!
Vodka & Cola hadderajjan!
- He va Leeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiffff!!!
True romance in the bar.
Interment horde with Bella Lugosi.
Special thanx to: Felix & Carmina and the whole Pentagram crew for killer organization, catering and everything!! And of course to the great bands we played with and people, friends and fans we met, you'll rule in Eternal Darkness!! Cheers!!

Hasta la vista Valencia!! We'll be back soon we hope!!

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Thursday, February 03, 2011

En las criptas del España and upcoming festivals!

Spanish Metalheads!! Next weekend (12/2 2011) it's The Pentagram Fest in Valencia. Don't miss this killer festival with Machetazo, Severe Torture, Graveyard, Ataraxy, Looking For An Answer and Terrorifik Show!

Check out the event and more info on Facebook:

A couple of European summer-festivals for INTERMENT soon to be announced. Stay tuned!

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