Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Death Metal in Ludvika!

We are confirmed for a gig in Ludvika at Restaurang Gallerian 25th of January. Other bands to be announced. Here is the Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/264461913701932

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wolf Throne Festival in Paris - Burned and destroyed!

All photos by Philippe Dos Santos
INTERMENT played at the Wolf Throne Festival in Saint-Germain-En-Laye, Paris 8th of November. We want to thank you all for the killersupport during our gig and the huge response afterwards! We also want to thank Hervé, Charlotte, Steven and the rest of the Wolf Throne crew for a great organization, awesome food, vodka, shuttles, accomodation etc. You fucking rule!! Hail also to all great bands that we played with and met during the festival, cheers!!

Monday, September 30, 2013

New flesh in the band!

Photo by Eva Lammi @ Nenax Photo
- After 6 years with Interment Martin Schulman have decided to leave the band. The reasons are that he is too busy with his mainband DEMONICAL and his booking agency Dreamtide Music so the time for INTERMENT is not enough. So we wish him all the best with DEMONICAL and Dreamtide Music! Thanx for 666 awesome years in the band!

"I have decided to step down from the bassist position in INTERMENT due to time related issues. In a way it sucks but think this is the best solution for all parties. I wish the guys best of luck for the future".

Luckily we found an old good friend of us Allan Lundholm (ex Circle of Chaos, Convulsion, Mortum) who will slay the bass for us. Welcome to the horde brother!!

- We are really looking forward to the Wolf Throne Festival in Paris to be held 8th-9th of November. The festival is already sold out! We will play on Friday the 8th, don't miss it freaks!

- Have you order your own copy of the "Interment/Brutally Deceased - Glory Days, Festering Years" yet? Order directly from Doomentia Records, the silver edition is sold out but the black version is available.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Photos from Gamrocken by Eva Lammi!

- Interment played at Gamrocken Festival in Ludvika (Swe) on August 3rd. Check out a bunch of great livephotos taken by Eva Lammi here.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Wolf Throne Festival 2013

Interment will play on the Wolf Throne Festival to be held in Saint Germain En Laye (France) on November 8th - 9th. This will be the our first ever show on French soil! Other bands on the bill are: Destroyer 666, Disma, Dead Congregation, Demigod, Convulse, Krypts and many more...
- Wolf Throne Festival (Official Facebook)